Ex. 3. Choose the correct form of the verb. Translate:1. The digestive system forms, formed, is formed by the alim

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Ex.   3.   Choose  
the  correct  form 
of  the   verb.  

digestive    system     (forms,   
formed, is    formed)     by   
the alimentary   canal 
and  accessory organs.

2.       The    organs  
contained    in    the  
abdomen(cover,    covered,   are covered)   with 
the  serous  layer.

3.       The  food  
(mix,   is  mixed,  
mixed)   by  the

4.       The   food   (conveys,  
is  conveyed conveyed)   from 
  pharynx to 
the  stomach  by 
the  esophagus.

5.       The   gallbladder  
(attaches,   is   attached,  
attached)    t
о the   under surface
of the  liver.

  • 1 is formed
    2 are covered
    3 is mixed
    4 conveys

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