Эссе на тему “my home town

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эссе на тему "my home town

  • можно про этот город написать,но можно и вставить вместо этого города свой!!

    My home town is Bristol. It's a small town in the South-West of England. I live in a two-storey house on the outskirts of Bristol, near the River Avon. In front of the house there's a
    garden which goes down to the river bank and in spring and summer there are flowers everywhere.
    There are 3 bedrooms upstairs. Two are quite big and one small and they have a fine view of the river. The bathroom is downstairs next to the kitchen and there's a living room with a
    lovely fireplace. But the room I like best is my study, as I call it. It's rather big, so there is enough space to move around. It's a very 15 bright room because there's a large window looking out onto the street. There isn't much furniture in my room. There's a desk near the window, a sofa against the wall, a coffee table with an armchair beside the door. There are also a lot of shelves for my books and a lot of other things I need for my work. There isn't a reading lamp, but there's a standard lamp I can use when it gets dark. There is a clock and a carpet on the wall above the sofa and on the opposite wall there arc some posters of my favorite groups. Well, what else is there in my room? A stereo, a CD player, a guitar and guess what? -a swivel chair, the gem of the whole collection! I love my room for many reasons but the thing I appreciate most is the feeling of comfort and safety it gives every time I' m there. 
    My new home in Oxford is quite different. I live in a Hall of Residence, as it is called here. It has got all the necessary facilities. I'm lucky to have a single bedroom on the third floor. It's a small room, but light and cosy. To the left of the door there's a wardrobe with a mirror and on the right there is a book-shelf with some souvenirs from Bristol. My desk is on the left, near the wardrobe. On the desk there is a computer, a reading lamp, pens, pencils, envelopes and some paper. There are also a lot of photos of my family. Above the desk there are some pleasant drawings of Oxford and a photo of my house in Bristol. There aren't any pictures or photos on another wall, just a light and my guitar. There are two chairs in the room — one is at the desk J 45 and the other is between the wardrobe and the desk. My bed is on the right facing the desk. There's я small pretty carpet on the floor beside the bed. In the left-hand corner there is a stool and opposite it, at the head of my bed there is a bedside table. There are a couple of things that make my room look homelike — a plant on the windowsill, bright curtains, beautiful wallpaper and my clothes scattered all over the room. It's certainly a nice room but not like the one back home!    

    или вот еще!!I was born in a small
    town where my granny lived. But a few years later my parents 
    decided to move to
    another place because they got jobs there. So, now I live in a wonderful town
    of Kamenets-Podolskyi, which is located in
    Khmelnitsky region and is very famous among Ukrainians. The 
    population of the
    town is approximately 120,000inhabitants.
    The town is divided into several parts but the main division may be as
    follows: the new town and the old town. All the 
    historical monuments, memorials and museums are concentrated in the old town where you can meet tourists
    from all over the world. Different concerts and international festivals are
    held here. However, the maintourist attraction is the large fortress, which, according to the historical records, was
    founded in the 11th century as a defensive fort by Cossacks. This fortress has become a great
    tourist attraction of my town.

    The new part of the
    town is quite modern and busy. The streets are full of people; the roads are
    full of cars as in any other town or city. It is the place where you can easily
    find lots of cafes, restaurants and hotels.

    In general, the
    town is highly industrially developed. There are a lot of plants and factories. At the same time it is a student town due to many educational
    establishments and
    schools. In addition, if you like to do 
    outdoor activities or relax in the nature, there are a lot of parks and gardens, which, by
    the way, make the town look green and fresh. I am sure that people of ages can
    find what to do in Kamenets-Podilskyi because there is a lot of entertainmentthere, which varies from disco clubs and cinemas to art galleries and libraries. 

    This is the town of
    contrasts where the past is tightly connected with the present. I am
    really glad that I am its citizen.

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