Дополнитепредложения по образцу. Model:She doesn ‘t know French. Russian — Sheknows Russian.1. He doesn’tdrive a car. a lorry 2. She doesn’t start her w

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предложения по образцу.

She doesn 't know French. (Russian) —
knows Russian.

1. He doesn't
drive a car. (a lorry) 2. She doesn't start her work at 10:00. (9:00)
3. He doesn't drink tea in the morning, (coffee)
4. She doesn't like pears, (apples) 5. She doesn't wear short
dresses, (long dresses) 6. He doesn't work quickly, (slowly)
7. She doesn't speak Chinese. (English) 8. She doesn't like
classical music, (jazz) 9. He doesn't play basketball, (football)
10. She doesn't live in the suburbs, (the centre of the

  • 2)she starts at 9:00 o'clock
    3)he drinks coffee in the morning
    4) she likes apples
    5) she wears long dresses
    6) he works slowly
    7) she speaks in English
    8) she likes jazz
    9)he plays football
    10)she lives in the center of the city

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