Доклад о моем любимом животном

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Доклад о моем любимом животном


  • My favorite animal is a cat. Since my childhood I wanted to have a cat. And, finally, my dream has come true - I got the Siamese cat Kuzya. The Kuzya light brown muzzle, dark ears, paws and long striped tail; flexible elongated body, big round head, on the muzzle щетинистые mustache, beard and bright blue eyes. Eye color changes when he is angry or threatening, the pupils become red, then green. The ears of a cat always on the alert; they catch the slightest rustle.
    Kuzma - animal naughty. If he is in good mood, he plays allows a pet, allows other animal is out of his bowl, but if a bad mood, he warns about this kind meow, then it's better not to touch. Kuzma serious, бойцовый cat. When we were in the village, he fought with all cats. The first fight he doesn't enter. At the beginning it as it warns: howls wicked voice. Almost one hundred and eighty degrees rotates the neck; the coat he stands up on end, and the tail “transformed” into dissolute щетинистую brush. Pity for one's opponent. He fought until the opponent does not turn into a rout. Kuzma is a very smart cat. He learned legs open refrigerator door cabinets. If the front door is not closed to the castle, he will be hanging on the knob until the door is opened. Kuzma love to watch television, hunting lizards, frogs, birds. And yet he is very kind cat and loves his masters. I really like our cat.
  • My favourite domestic
    animal is a puppy. Its name is Chapa. It was
    afternoon and the streets were empty as I was going back home after school two
    month ago.  Suddenly I heard some noise under the nearest tree. I came up
    to the tree and saw a small puppy! He was clean and so pretty that I couldn't
    help smiling. Of cou
    гse, I took this little
    miracle with me. Now my
    puppy is very fat and kind. Its head isn’t big. Its neck is short. Its paws are
    small. Its  eyes are black and clever. Its ears are small. My puppy likes
    to eat especially milk and chicken. Most of all Chapa likes to sleep and play.
    It's very funny and playfull. We play every evening.  I like my puppy very
    much. I think dogs are very careful and clever.



    Мое любимое домашнее животное – щенок . Его зовут Чапа. Это было днем, и улицы были пусты, как я возвращалась
    домой после школы в пару месяцев назад. Вдруг я услышала какой-то шум под
    ближайшим деревом. Я подошла к дереву и увидела маленького щенка! Он был чистый
    и такой хорошенький, что я не могла удержаться от улыбки. Конечно, я взяла это
    маленькое чудо со мной.  Теперь мой щенок  очень толстый и
    добрый. У него небольшая голова. Его шея короткая. Его лапы маленькие. Его
    глаза черные и умные. Его ушки маленькие. Мой щенок  любит покушать
    особенно молоко и  цыплят. Больше всего Чапа любит спать и играть. Он
    очень смешной и игривый. Мы играем каждый вечер. Я очень люблю моего щенка. Я
    думаю, собаки очень аккуратные и умные

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