Добрий день, помогите с сочинением по английскому на тему – my autumn holiday

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Добрий день, помогите с сочинением по английскому на тему -  my autumn holiday 

  • To begin with, I enjoyed my autumn holydays. If you ask me why I`ll try to tell you.the first thoughts it to sleep!!! First of all, I went to the I went to the grandmother. I spent my time very well. well and certainly the most important is lessons!almost all vacation I did homework! this very fascinating occupation! you will not think up better!in vacation I walked much, certainly oseniy vacation not to be made even with the letnimi.lety was carefree, you know that isn't necessary to you anywhere and in school yet soon! and here time presses on soul!!! but I am all the same glad to vacation and left in school the new person.
  • My autumn holidays were excellent. During these days I managed to do a lot of things. For example, I went to my grandmother for a few of days in the village, then there is this very beautiful purple trees everywhere around me and it's just increased my mood. Weather did not disappoint, as commissioned by the whole week the sun was shining, and sometimes there were no significant clouds, but the wind rozganyal them, and the sky was getting monochromatic blue again .. During those days I was very rested and again the mood to study .. And I'll look forward to the next vacation!

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