Диалог на английском о покупке любого вида одежды

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диалог на английском о покупке любого вида одежды

  • Saleswoman:May I help you?Olga R.:Yes,I'm looking for a blouses.S:What's your size?O.R.:I wear size 12.Could you show me some blouses in solid color?S:What colors do you want?O.R.:Yellow and white.S:They are over here.O.R.:What's the material?S:It's fifty percent cotton and fifty percent polyester.O.R.:This white blouse looks nice. I'd like to try it on.S:The fitting room is to your left.O.R.:I think this blouse is all right.S:Very well,ma'am.Will that be cash or credit card?O.R.:I'd like to give you a check.S:We need at least one piece of identification.O.R.:Here is my driver's license.S:All right.We can accept your check.

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