Describe your favourite season for your classmates to guessОпишите свой любимый сезон для Ваших одноклассников, чтобы предположить какой это сезон

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Describe your favourite season for your classmates to guess

Опишите свой любимый сезон для Ваших одноклассников, чтобы предположить какой это сезон   ( как то так) (надо не называть время года) ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!! ОЧЕНЬ НАДО

  • Summer.
    It's my favourite season. It's very hot. It's holidays in school. We are going to travel in different countries or on the sea. We take sunbaths. We are swimming in rivers, lakes, seas and swimming pools. We are playing different games outside.
  • I like this season best of all. The days are not long. And it is snowning almost all the time. All trees are wearing their nice gowns. I can go skating or skiing. And of course we play snowballs with my friends.

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