Даю 30 баллов напишите про любимое блюдо надо описать как его готовить и рецепт

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даю 30 баллов напишите про любимое блюдо надо описать как его готовить и рецепт

  • For sushi and rolls need: rice (better special, but you can Normal), soy sauce, rice vinegar, wasabi, pickled ginger, nori seaweed. Sushi preparation is impossible without seafood. Therefore, you need to stock pre-shrimp, tuna, caviar, salted salmon, cucumber, avocado, sweet pepper or something else - a set of ingredients to pick and choose. Take the rice and then put into a pan to wash . After all this, it is necessary to leave the rice in water for a few minutes, then put on fire . Once the water boils, reduce the need to fire and wait until the rice is ready , and all the water boils away . In the cooled rice need to add a little rice vinegar , salt and sugar . Preparation of land - a process that requires compliance with the proportions , so remember : 0.5 kg of rice will need 2 tablespoons vinegar, salt and sugar to taste. Cooling rice should pass quickly , it must be constantly interfere , flip . In Japan, for the use of this fan.Preparation of sushi and rolls do not require the use of whole fish , but when buying it is better to choose nepotroshenoy fish and check the freshness of her internal organs. The easiest method to determine the freshness of fish to look at its gills , which should be red, hard belly and black eyes . Better to cut pieces of fish that are bled and the flesh was firm and shiny.
    If the preparation of sushi is delayed from the time of purchase for a few days , the fish should be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed package or simple package. Frozen fish should be defrosted properly . Freshwater better put in salted water (0.5 tsp 4 tbsp. Water) , sea - 1 tbsp 4 tbsp. water. Do not wait until the fillets completely thaw . Begin to cut it as soon as it becomes a more or less soft.Preparation of conventional sushi is very simple. Small handful of boiled rice need blind palm , grease the top wasabi , put a slice of fish, caviar , shrimp or other seafood (at your option ) . Then it all ligated ( wraps ) in nori.
    How to cook sushi recipe more complex and sophisticated ? Figure molded slide, then turns flat nori 2 cm wide strips need to moisten the end , he stuck to , and get a " boat ." You can fill it with red caviar . Improve the preparation of sushi can be adding a special mixture that consists of shrimp , squid , mussels and fish. You can add mayonnaise, adjika and pepper. But how to make sushi without soy sauce ? So never forget to apply it to this exquisite dish.

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