Cоставьте предложения в Present continuousНастоящее продолженное время с предлогами в, внутри, выше, на , за, из, около, рядом с , под , между, перед

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Cоставьте предложения в Present continuous(Настоящее продолженное время) с предлогами  в, внутри, выше, на , за, из, около, рядом с , под , между, перед, к, в , на.
Можно и на русском языке составить.
плиз помогите , срочно.

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    I am putting the pen over the desk.

    Pete is living in New York.

    We are arriving on the 1st of November.

    We are going to go for a walk at 6 o`clock.

    Ann is sitting under the old apple tree.

    A dog is running between the trees.

    Mike is standing near Kite.

    A cat is sleeping behind the bed.

    Leo is laying his book into the shelf.

  • 1)I am going to shop which is near my home.(рядом)
    2)She is running betwee her two friends.(между)
    3)We are driving to the station(к)
    4)I am reading this book in the car.(в)
    5)The people are staying inside.(внутри)
    6)We are rising upper(выше).
    7)He is staying on a stair(на)
    8)The girl is going behind the boy.(за)
    9)She is screaming from the window.(из)
    10)We are dancing with queen(с)
    11)She is lieing under the blanket(под)

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