Convert into indirect speech. A1”How nice to see a new face “,the womenin bleak velvet said.2”O there is tom here “exclaimed Lucy, clapping her hands.3”

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Convert into indirect speech.
A1)”How nice to see a new face “,the womenin bleak velvet said.2)”O there is tom here “exclaimed Lucy,clapping her hands.3)”Oh”she said again at sight of the only picture on the walls ,”how lovely.Who is that?”4)Gretta ,please say something ,”he begged.I ve got tj know if you are all right5)”Both of you come with me ,”Conder said”and have a drink at the Fitzroy.”
/b1)«O Dickl» she exclaimed, I am so glad you are came!2)Sylviane!Forgive me! Arthur exclaimed.3)Its lovely Here,Kay Rimmer said .What a lot of books you have4.Oh,how can you be cruel like that!she cried.5)O , please forgive me,Tom my heart will break?said Maggie.

  • A1)The womenin bleak velvet said it was nice to see a new face “,.
    2)Lucy exclaimed there was Tom there.
    3)she sighed and said it was lovely, and then asked who that was.
    4)he asked Gretta to say something, then he said he had got to know if she was all right
    5) Conder offered both of them to come with him and have a drink at the Fitzroy.
    1)she told Dickl she was so glad he had come
    2)Arthur asked Sylviane to forgive him.
    3)Kay Rimmer said it was lovely there and wondered how many books he had.
    4.she asked him how he could be cruel like that
    5)Maggie asked Tom to forgive her or her heart would break

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