Complete using the words in the box. already • before • ever • for • just • rarely • since • so • still • yet1 Have you …dreamt of winning the lotte

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Complete using the words in the box. 
already • before • ever • for • just • rarely • since • so • still • yet
1 Have you ...dreamt of winning the lottery?
2 I haven't worked out how to set the timer on the video ...
3 My dad's lived in the same house ...he was born.
4 The film's only been on ...a couple of minutes.
5 Bruce has knocked three men out of the competition ...far.
6 I ...get the chance to get any exercise - I'm just too busy.
7 He's home.
8 It's eleven o'clock and Todd ...hasn't come home. Where could he be?
9 I've never met Ruth ...What's she like?
10 Have you finished ...That was quick!




 Find the extra word in each line.
International friends

1 ...I've been to travelling round European summer. It's the first time I've
2 ...ever been going abroad, and I've had a fantastic time! I've seen
3 ...loads of interesting places and I have to also made loads of new friends.
4 ...I've been decided to stay in touch with them now I'm back. One of
5 ...them, Giselle, is French. She was making on holiday too. We now send
6 ...text messages are to each other all the time.They're usually in English
7 ...because my French isn't very good! I'm planning to have visit her in
8 ...France next year sometime. I hope I can. I am love meeting people from
9 ...other countries! I want to have had lots of friends from all over the world!
10 ...Travelling certainly broadens the mind, but it also is broadens your circle of



  • 1. ever
    2. yet
    3. since
    4. for
    5. so
    6. rarely
    7. just
    8. still
    9. before
    10. already

    1. to
    2. going
    3. to
    4. been
    5. making
    6. are
    7. have
    8. am
    9. had
    10. is

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