Complete the sentences. Use “heve to ” in the correct tense.1.He studied at a Canadian school. He … learn English and Frensh.2.Jessica writes about t

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Complete the sentences .Use "heve to " in the correct tense.

1.He studied at a Canadian school.He ... learn English and Frensh.

2.Jessica writes about the wonders of nature.She ... trevel a lot.

3.Yesterday , her son fell ill and she ... stay at home .

4.My older brother wants to be musician .He play ... the violin for hours every day .

5.The students missed the bus and they ... walr to school im the rain.

6. If you want to learn more about Stinehenge , you ... read this book.

7.I can't play football this afternoon , i ... prepare for an exam.

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  • 1. had to 2. has to 3. had to 4. has to 5.had to 6. have to 7. have to

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