Complete the dialogue with the correct verb formsAnna:Did, Have you ever be, been to London? Bob:No, I didnt, haventAnna:Do, Would you like go, to go there? B

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complete the dialogue with the correct verb forms
Anna:(Did,Have) you ever (be,been) to London?
Bob:No,I (didnt,havent)
Anna:(Do,Would) you like (go,to go) there?
Bob:Oh,yes.I(am going,shall) visit it in summer.
Anna:With whom (do,will) you go there?
Bob:With my school friends and our teacher of English.

  • Anna-1
    Bob-2 ,ok?
    1-Have you ever been to London
    2-No , I have not (какой был вопрос ,так на него и отвечай)
    1-Would you like to go there?
    2-Oh yes I'm going to visit it in summer (Он уже запланировал ЭТО сделать)
    1-Will(т.к. будущее время)


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