Coчинение на тему : “We are using the nature’s resources faster than ever”

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Coчинение на тему : "We are using the nature's resources faster than ever". 

  • Back in the old days people hardly different from animals. The last millennium. Man has become a master of the earth.
    Our food - plants growing on the land and the animals. We use the energy that we get  From the earth also. Practically everything that a person uses in his life - namely, fuel, food, building materials - it gets off the ground, from nature. So all this is called natural resources.

    The land of the people is often called the nurse. Farmland, fields, orchards, vineyards have long been significantly altered the global landscape.
    for most farmers use monoculture - continuously grown one plant species to the same place. Therefore, to maintain the level of productivity is possible only with the help of chemical fertilizers.

    Observations have shown that in recent years, farming even more upset the balance in the natural environment, the active use of pesticides and herbicides. This is because they not only kill pests and weeds, but many other species, thereby disrupting the eco-balance.

    The development of industry and transport is not possible without the use of natural resources. As a result, production of all kinds of minerals (especially the various ores, fuel) increases every year. Only during the first half of the XX century, from the bowels of the earth they have learned much more than in the entire previous history of humanity. Formed over millions of years before man appeared, but they consumed for hundreds of years, minerals practically renewed. And they mined every year more and more.
    In 1910 , in Stockholm gathered for Geological Congress , scientists from many countries. Its participants analyzed data on reserves of iron ore in 72 countries and concluded that iron ore enough humanity to about 1970 scientists were wrong , because at that time was not aware of some of the major fields. One year later, congressional opinion was refuted by the discoveries of Russian geologists. In 1923, near the Kursk was found iron ore . Scientists estimate ore enough our country for many decades . The iron content in the ores of the Kursk magnetic anomaly is very large. It attains some fields up to 60% (this means that one ton of ore can be cast 600 kilograms ) . For comparison , in many ore deposits it contains only 15-17 . But now these ores are also using. In modern mining and processing plants , even from low-grade ores produce konentrat with an iron content greater than in the ores of the best in the world.

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