Choose the correct form of the 3rd Conditional:1.If the Titanic didn’t hit / hadn’t hit an iceberg, it wouldn’t have sunk / doesn’t sink .2.If the Azt

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Choose the correct form of the 3rd Conditional:

1.If the Titanic (didn't hit / hadn't hit) an iceberg, it (wouldn't have sunk / doesn't sink) .

2.If the Aztecs (had defeated / defeated) Cortes' soldiers, the Spanish (mightn't conquered / mightn't have conquered) Mexico.

3.What (happened /would have happened) if Columbus (thought /had thought) the world was flat?

4.If the Tsar's soldiers (hadn't shot / wouldn't shoot) demonstrating workers in 1905, there (mightn't been / mightn't have been) a revolution in Russia.

5.John Kennedy (couldn't be assassinated / mightn't have been assassinated ) in 1963 if he (hadn't been travelling / hadn't travelling) in an open-top car.

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    1) If the Titanic hand't hit an iceberg, it wouldn't have sunk 

    2) If the Aztecs had defeated Cortes soldiers, the Spanish mightn't have conquered Mexico

    3) What would have happened if Columbs had thought the world was flat?

    4) If the Tsar's soldiers han't shot demonstracting workers in 1905, there mightn't have been a revolution in Russia

    5) John Kennedy mightn't have been assassinated in 1963 if he hadn't travelling in an open-top car. 

    На заметку:
    Форма образования 3 - типа условного предложения:
    If затем в Past Perfect ( had / had not ) ... Would have + v3 (глагол в 3 форме).
    А так же, вместо Would часто употребляются и Might, Should, Could. 

    Удачи = ) 

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