Ask questions. complete short answers1 yes,________________. I have done my exercises.2. yes,__________________.She has written the letter.3. yes____

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ask questions. complete short answers

1 yes,________________. I have done my exercises.

2.  yes,__________________.She has written the letter.

3. yes_________________.He has read this book.

4.  yes_________________.They have done the  test.

5.    yes,__________________. Mary has done it.

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  • 1. Have you done your exercises? yes, I have. I have done my exercises.

    2.  H
    as she written the letter? yes, she has.She has written the letter.
    Has he read this book? yes? he has_.He has read this book.

    Have they done the  test? yes they have.They have done the  test.

    5. Has Mary done it?   yes, she has. Mary has done it.

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