Answer the questions. Надо дать полный ответ , на вопросы1. What’s a sleepover?2. Who organizes sleepovers?3. When do they organizes sleepovers?4. Do

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Answer the questions. (Надо дать полный ответ , на вопросы)
1. What's a sleepover?
2. Who organizes sleepovers?
3. When do they organizes sleepovers?
4. Do children come for sleepovers alone?
5. What do children do in the evening?
6. Who comes at night?
7. What do monsters and witches do?
8. Do children like sleepovers

  • 1.  In the UK,
    a sleepover is usually a night excursion.

    2.  Museums organise sleepovers when it becames
    Halloween time.
    3.  Sleepovers
    are organised on October 31.
    4.  Children
    come for sleepovers alone.
    5.  They
    make costumes and masks for theirselves and play games with each other.
    6.  At night
    awful witches, ghosts and any kind of monsters come to the children.
    7.  They
    tell children scary and awful stories and play with them togethe.
    8.  Children
    like and enjoy sleepovers very much.

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