Answer the questions.1Do you like reading books?2Who are your favourite authors?3How big is your home library?4Do you borrow books from your friends o

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Answer the questions.

1)Do you like reading books?
2)Who are your favourite authors?
3)How big is your home library?
4)Do you borrow books from your friends or from the local library?
5)How does reading books help you in your life?
6)Do you or your famile read newspapers and/or magazines?Which ones?
7)What information can people get from newspapers and magazines?
8)De people read more or less than before?Why?

  • 1) Yes, I like to read books
    My favorite author - JK Rowling
    3)In my house big enough library
    I often take books from friends, but sometimes in the library.
    5)Reading books is very important. Due to this growing speed of thinking and improving literacy.
    6)My family reads the newspapers, such as "High Castle", "Hand in Hand"
    7)Newspaper people get their news in the country and the world. Interesting recipes, facts about the stars of showbiz
    8) Now people read less than before. Because now highly developed computer technology and replace books and newspapers online.

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