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англыский текст про осень

  • To be completely honest, autumn is not my favorite season. I personally like spring the most. Or summer, maybe. And many other people do for a list of obvious reasons.But I have to admit autumn is very special, and these three months definitely can’t be described in a few words. The weather is changeable and insanely unstable, you never know what it will be like the next day. And you simply can’t predict it, even though there is a weather forecast, because it seems like everybody’s confused.Nature is also strangely transformed. Almost every sign of summertime slowly disappears, and it’s really interesting to watch. Streets probably become empty, but it’s just for a short period of time. I want to say, that the colors of the sky are so amazing that you start being poetic about it. I also like to collect fallen leaves, I love red ones the most.Unfortunately, autumn is a season with a high possibility of getting an illness. Many people agree with me. I always have to spend lots of time and tons of money to support my health, and so do my friends and family members. It’s really upsetting when you have to give up on your daily activities because of an illness.Autumn itself and the changes connected with it make some people feel depressed, and I’m not an exception. That’s just absurd, you might think: how a person can become depressed for no reason? And that’s a question I usually ask myself. It never has an explanation, but my mood just becomes bad even when there is nothing to be worried about. This is the main negative effect that autumn might have on you psychologically.I want to underline that autumn is still not my favorite season. But it’s hard to really dislike it. There are several truly unique things about autumn, and only you decide how to rate them and what to feel about them. But I hope I’ve made my point.

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