Английский!!!Перевод помогите. Только не из гугла, прошу на фото номер 10

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Перевод помогите. Только не из гугла,прошу)))) на фото номер 10

  • 1. My nwe friend asked me Where are you from?2. We don't know where our granny was born?
    3.What dud you know about his family? When did they arrive in our town?
    4. Where have you been for all this time?
    5. Jane askes her smaller brother where has he been?
    6. When we lived in the country we enjoyed fishing
    7. I don't know Nick like to sleep on the open air
    8. Where is Peter.- We go for a walk with the dog
    9. For the moment mother came we have learned all nwe words
    10.He said he didn't do this exercise

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