Английский косвенная речь

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Английский косвенная речь

  • 1.He asked me if i could give him my pen
    2.She asked if he had already come home after lessons
    3.They asked him which school he went to.
    4.Liz asked me if i was seeing the manager the next day
    5.My mother asked me where i had put her book
    6.She asked me how long had i been translating this article
    7.Jane asked me if i had gone to London the year before
    8.Nick asked his brother if he was busy at the moment.
    9.Kates mother asked what marks she had got at school
    10.She asked me whe i would go to the USA

    1.She told us to sit down
    2.My friend asked me to hurry up
    3.Mother asked him to leave his keys on the table
    4.Какое то странное предложение,не понимаю его
    5.My doctor told me not to eat several days
    6.Nicks father asked him to pass him a cigarette
    7.She told me not to smoke in her room

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