Англичане. решите пожалуйста 5,6,7 задание. Заранее спасибо

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Англичане.решите пожалуйста 5,6,7 задание.Заранее спасибо.

  • 5) 1.He has just finished...
    2.What school do you go to?
    3.They have been studying...
    4.Father is reading and mother is writing...
    5. We have been living...
    6. My parents have been...
    7. This time they are travelling...
    8. How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?
    9. Have you seen...
    10.Where did you last use it?
    11. My friends from Scotland is visiting...
    12. Did you meet...
    13. We finished ...and went to...
    14. I'm working..and am staying...
    15. We have decorated...
    16. ...I feel cold.
    2) 1.is painting.
    2.is sleeping.
    4. Is it.
    5.Do you have.
    6.is weighing. weighs.
    7.you want.
    9.Does she own.
    11.I am sitting...and am waiting.
    12.Do you.
    15.don't think.
    16.have gone.
    3) 1.I always go swimming on Monday.
    2. They like ice-cream very much.
    3. How often do you usually watch football?
    4.My parents have never been abroad.
    5.Amy often works overtime.
    6.When do you usually wake up?
    7.They are seldom at home before six.
    8. who is the boss here?
    9. You have never been to Finland.
    10.Kate is always well made-up .

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