An unusual gallery.1 It was a beautiful afternoon in the woods near the village of Montignac. The sky was blue and autumn leaves covered the ground. F

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An unusual gallery.

1) It was a beautiful afternoon in the woods near the village of Montignac. The sky was blue and autumn leaves covered the ground. Four friends strolled happily among the tall trees, telling stories about treasures that people had hidden in the forest.

2) As they were walking, one of the boys fell over. When the others ran to help him, they saw that there was a hole in the ground. Could this be a tunnel with hidden treasures in it? The boys started to dig. trying to make the hole bigger so that they could climb in and have a look. By this time though, it was getting dark and they didn't have a torch, so they decided to come back early the next day.

3) They returned to the woods before school. One by one. the boys lit their torches and crawled into the small dark tunnel. After about ten minutes, the boy who was at the front let out a loud gasp. When he pointed his torch at the wall, everyone was amazed to see the walls covered with colourful pictures of horses, deer and oxen. The friends ran quickly to school and told their teacher all about their fantastic discovery. She called an expert who went immediately to examine the paintings.

4) Later that day, their teacher asked the boys to stay behind after school. They thought that they had done something wrong, but they were relieved when they saw their teacher's smiling face. The expert had confirmed that the boys were the first modern people to lay eyes upon the famous Lascaux paintings, which were at least 17,000 years old. They felt really proud.

To write a story, we first decide on the type of story, the plot and the main characters. Our story can be a comedy, an adventure, a fairy tale etc. We normally use past tenses in stories. In the first paragraph, we write when and where the event happened, who the main characters in the story were and what happened first. In the main body, we describe the events in the order they happened, leading to the climax event (the most important event). We normally use linking words >n as, wisile before etu to show the sequence of events. In the conclusion, we write what happened in the end and how the people in the story felt.
 ответьте на вопросы!
1.When did the story take place?
2.What did the boys doin the woods?
3. Who fell over?
4.What did the teenagers see in the ground?
5.When did they return to the tunnel?
помогите пожалуйста,буду очень признательна

  • 1) The story took place one autumn.
    2)The biys strolled among the trees and told stories about treasures.
    3) One of the boys fell over.
    4) The teenagers saw colourful pictures of horses, deer and oxen.
    5) They returned to the tunnel the next day before school.

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