AMatch the words to make phrases. to enjoy gueststo take abroadto invite placeto collect the dat

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a)Match the words to make phrases.
to enjoy               guests
to take                abroad
to invite               place
to collect             the date
to arrange            badges
to go                   the film
b)Complete the sentences with the new word combinations.
1.Sam is gouing to ______ _______to his birthday party.
2.Lets _______ _______of the meeting.
3.Where will the party _______ _______?-In school.
4.Have you got any hobbies&-Yes,I _______ _______.
5.The head teacher got an invitation  letter yesterday.His students will _______ _______next month.

  • a)
    to go abroad 
    to take place
    to invite guests
    to enjoy the film
    to arrange the date
    to collect badges

    1. invite guests
    2. arrange the date
    3. take place
    4. collect badges
    5. go abroad 

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