А Write questions for the answers. Model: — The doctors will work in a new hospital. — Where will the doctors work?1. — We will learn F

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А  Write questions for the answers.Model: — The doctors will work in a new hospital. 
            — Where will the doctors work?

1.    — We will learn French next year.
2.    — My father will come home at seven o'clock
3.    — A famous singer will come to our city.
4.    — They will go to Moscow in a month.
5.    — They will be in England next month.
6.    — I will find new friendsin a new school
7.    — Helen will have a big surprise on her birthday. 

  • 1.who will learn french next year
    2.when my father will come home?
    3.who will come to our citi
  • When will we learn French?
    When will my father come home?
    Who will come to our city?
    Where will they go to a month?
    Where will they be next month?
    What will Helen have on her birthday?

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