A: Tortoises…live live to be very old. B: i’ve heard of one which is over a hundred oldyears2 A: Are you still busy? read this article for anhour and

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 A: Tortoises...live (live) to be very old.

B: i've heard of one which is over a hundred old
2 A: Are you still busy?

(read this article for an

hour and I still

(not finish)

3 A: More and more people

university these days

B: Yes. I think its a good thing.

(have) a party tonight. Do you

want to come?

B: Yes. What time does it start?

5 A: Why are your shoes wet?

wash the car.

6 A: What's the matter?

(break) my ankle.

7 A: What do need to do next?

(add the sugar to the

mixture and you

(mix) it well.

(use my car?

9 Are you new here?

B: No. Actually I............... (live) here for almost

ten years.

10 A: Pete is playing his music loud.
B: Again! He

(ahways do that!

11 A: Have you made plans for Saturday yet?

(go) to the cinema with Jack

12 A: Mr Collins is a very teacher
B: Well, he..........................

(teach) Maths for

twenty-five years, you know.

13 A Are you going to the concert on Saturday night?

B: Yes. Actually, i..........

(already buy)

14 A: Hello, simon.

B: Oh! We
(always meet) each

other in this supermarket.14:08:14

  • чего надо сделать???????

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