A is very important to achieve success in life эссе

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a is very important to achieve success in life эссе

  • Every young man knows how important is to be successful. The entire society and the whole our culture is saying that to us every day. But there are absolutely no objective reasons to achieve succes in your life. The meaning of success itself is fully artificially and «success» in fact is what society wanted force you to do – work every day, pay taxes, buy more and more stuff that you don’t really need. The more useless things you can buy, the more succesfull you are in the soceity. In other words, being succefull is being a mule with a carrot in front of you. Individuals, who decided not to be a mule, are unwelcome and considered by the society as broken elements or even freaks (like famous philosopher Diogenes). But ask yourself – are you really have to be a mule to live happy life? Is it the only possible choice? Many progressive and open-minded people nowadays says "no" to that and I hope you're one of them.

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