2. READING COMPREHENSION Read the story about Toni Bently. Forquestions 1—6 find the appropriate sentences A—F. Toni Bently began her ballet lesson

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2. READING COMPREHENSION Read the story about Toni Bently. For
questions (1—6) find the appropriate sentences (A—F).

    Toni Bently began her ballet lessons at the
age of three. When she was ten, she went to a New York school. There she studied the usual
subjects plus music, drama and dance. (1) _______ instead of once a week, and
exciting trips to see performances (
представления) by the Royal Ballet of London, England. "I
saw Swan Lake. It was wonderful. I wanted to
become a great dancer." She began to work hard on her dancing skills.

     Then, one day at the end of the school
year in New York, her mother heard about the School of American Ballet. A very nervous Ton went
to audition (
пробы, просмотр). With five other girls she did some exercises.
(2) ___________.         

        At the age of eleven, Toni's life
changed. She got the part (
балетная партия, роль) in a New York City Ballet's production (постановка)

and eight other young girls danced there. (3) _________.

      When Toni was thirteen, she had ballet
dancing two or three times a day. (4) __________. She stayed at the School of American Ballet for seven years. When
Toni was eighteen, she joined the New York City Ballet. "It was fantastic.
It was a dream come true (
сбывшаяся мечта).
But my first year was the hardest. (5) _________.       

        Toni visited London, Paris, Copenhagen and different parts of the United States
with the ballet company. But soon she decided to leave the ballet and travel.
(6) ________.       There she decided to
write a diary (
Then the diary was published (был опубликован).

       Now Toni Bently has become
the author of several books about the

famous ballerinas. Toni says now, "Ballet has changed my life. I'm
proud (горжусь) to
have been a member of the New York City Ballet."

("Highlights for Children", June 1993)

A   She went
to Europe but she wasn't happy.

В   "I
danced that part for four winters. It was very exciting."

С   "I
learnt thirty ballets that year."

D   Now
there were ballet lessons every day,

E   Dance
became the most important part of her life.

   Toni was
the only one who could do all the exercises really well

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