1Заполните пропускипроизводными от SOME, ANY, NO, EVERY.1.Would you like … to eat?2.Jill doesn’t do any of the housework. Herhusband does ….3

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1)Заполните пропуски
производными от

1.Would you like ... to eat?

2.Jill doesn't do any of the housework. Her
husband does ....

3. ... enjoyed that party I enjoyed it too.

4. I can't find my watch. I've looked all over the

5. What did you do yesterday? ... special. I wasrat home.

2) Переделайте следующие приказания в косвенной речи
по данному образцу:

a Letter of

Не told me (asked me) to open a Letter of Credit.

1. Can you me Certificate of Quality?

2. Don't
trust them!

3. Don't sign any contract without reading it.

4. Try to have influence on your clients.

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    1. anything
    2. some
    3. everybody
    4. anywhere
    5. nothing

    1. He asked me to (здесь должен быть глагол, типа show, give) him Certificate of Quality
    2. He told me not to trust them 
    3. He ordered not to sign any contract without reading it
    4. He advised me to try to have influence on their clients

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