12 предложений о месте жительства село, пригородпомогите пожалуйста срочно нужно

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12 предложений о месте жительства (село, пригород)

помогите пожалуйста срочно нужно

  • I live in Odessa (напишешь город, в котором живешь, просто я живу в Одессе, поэтому пишу Одесса). I have been living there for all my life. This city is very important place in the world for me. When I will be an adult, maybe I will be living in other country. Here I have relatives and too much friends. Here I go to the school. In this city happens many beautiful moments, which I will remember all my life. Climate in my city the best. Our city has a Black Sea, it's popular see in the world, that's why many tourists coming in my city. Odessa (или другой город) has many famous street, which named famous people. I am the patriot of my city, I like it so much.

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