1. Заполни пропуск, вставь do или does1. __________Ben playfootball?2. _______we go to school on Saturdays?3. _______you havebreakfast every day?

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Заполни пропуск, вставь do или does

1. __________Ben play

2.  _______we go to school on Saturdays?

3. _______you have
breakfast every day?
4. ______Jake hate
5. _________Mrs Adams play
the piano?
6. Fred _____not love
watching television.
7. We ______not live in
8. Nick and Sam _______not
go to school, they are little.
9. I _____not speak French?
I speak English.
10. Ann ______not like  rock music.

  • 1do 2do 3 does 4do 5 does 6 do 7does 8 does 9 does 10 do

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