1. Who is the architect of the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral? a Michelangelo b Sir Christopher Wren c Charles Eduardo Corbusier d Eduardo e Ras

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1. Who is the architect of the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral?a) Michelangelo    b) Sir Christopher Wren  c) Charles Eduardo Corbusier   d) Eduardo     e) Rastrelly        2. Bald eagle, which is the national symbol of US, is a bird of …a) wisdom          b) strength and courage   c) generosity and boldness  d) dominance and power   e) victory and independence        3. In whose hands is the state power in Britain?a) the monarch      b) Liberal Party   c) Parliament    d) Labor Party       e) Conservative Party        4. Great Britain is a …a) monarchy        b) republic          c) big town    d) part of North Ireland       e) constitutional monarchy       5. Elizabeth Gaskell is … writer.a) a Russian      b) an English      c) a French   d) an Australian        e) an American      6. Australia is famous for its …a) horses    b) cows   c) pigs   d) lambs   e) sheep      7. Stonehenge is situated in …a) Bath  b) London  c) Liverpool  d) Birmingham e)Oxford            8. The traditional clothes for men in Scotland is a …a) tie       b) shirt        c) kilt        d) socks        e) cap      9. Australia is divided into…a) states   b) provinces  c) countries   d) parks   e) villages      10. “The Maple Leaf Forever”a) the USA  b) Ireland  c) Britain  d) Canada  e) Australia   

  • 1 . В 2.С. 3.А. 4. D 5.В , 6. А 7 В 8 D 9 А 10 D

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