.1.Wake up! You to sleep for twelve hours already.2. I just to receive a letter from my granny, but I not yet to receive any letters from my parents.3

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.1.Wake up! You (to sleep) for twelve hours already.
2. I just (to receive) a letter from my granny, but I (not yet to receive) any letters from my parents.
3. They (to play) football for an hour last Monday.
4.We (to live) here for five years.
5. She (not to change) her clothes yesterday evening.
Помогите сделать !это по ин-яз задали!)Нужно поставить в правильную форму!Буду благодарна!!

  • 1 are sleeping 2 just have received... did't receive 3 were playing 4 we are used to living here for five years 5 didn't change

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