1. The children 1.swim and 2.play in the river when they were at the cam. 3.Get you off at the people 4.cross the street. The girl 5.dance and 6.sing

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1. The children (1.swim) and (2.play) in the river when they were at the cam. (3.Get) you off at the people (4.cross) the street. The girl (5.dance) and (6.sing) Russian songs at the concert last Saturday.
2. There (1.be) many cities in our country. (2.Watch) you the demonstration on TV? - I (3.like) it very much. We (4.have) a concret in our school hall before May Day. I (5.not take) in the demonstration. I (6.be) ill. Look, the schoolchildren (7.marsh) with slongans and portraits. (8.Like) you to listen to a good concert of Russian songs?

  • 1) 1 were swiming 2 playing
         3 get 4 crossing
         5 danced 6 song
    2) 1 are 2 did you watch
         3 liked it 4 will have
        5 have not taken (part думаю это слово было упущено)
        6 was 7 are marching 8 do you like..

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