1.Переведи на русский язык, правильноиспользуя время глагола.1. I arrived home late last night.2. Yesterday we tried to fix our car.3. He got an exce

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 1.Переведи на русский язык, правильно
используя время глагола.

1. I arrived home late last night.

2. Yesterday we tried to fix our car.

3. He got an excellent mark for his last test.

4. The breakfast was ready at 9 a.m.

5. There was nobody in the house when we came back.

6. She went to the concert two days ago.

7. Paola took her driving test last year.

8. Where were you last Christmas?

9. I didn’t go to work yesterday because I wasn’t very well.

10. I saw the Tower when I was in London last week.

2.Дай вопросительную и отрицательную форму глагола

1. It was raining all day yesterday.

2. She was reading a book when her mother came.

3. They were playing all day.

4. We were having lunch when our aunt came.

5. You were burning something in the fireplace.

вопрос к предложению

1. Last year he didn’t go to the South because of the illness.

2. He went to the theatre two days ago.

3. She didn’t tell him the truth.

4. His father came to his school and had a long conversation with his teacher.

5. These students were usually late for their classes last year because they

transport problems.

4.Раскрой скобки , используя глагол в the Present

Simple или the Present Progressive. Переведи на русский  язык

1. -Look, it ____again. (rain)

-Yes, it_____ most days at this time of year. (rain)

2. Goodnight, I _____ to bed (go) I always ______ to bed early during the week.

3. These cheese _____awful. (smell)

4. Maize _______ in Britain. (not grow)

5. It ___ snow. (not go) out.

6. My friends ____ next week.(come)

7. Children usually ____very soundly. (sleep)

8. Love ___ the world go round. (make)

9. You ___ meat? (eat)

10. We ___ a meeting come and join in. (have)

11. She ____ going to parties. (hate)

12. She ____ shower, now. (have)

13. I ____ he was not to blame. (believe)

14. This book ____ to Mark. (belong)

15. I ____ him very well. (know)

16. His French _____ better. (get)

17. This coat _____ to you? (belong)

18. The tap _____ can you fix it? (run)

19. He _____ football this season. (play)

20. Hello _____ you the party. (enjoy)


правильную форму артикля, ответ поясни

1. _____ flowers you gave me were gorgeous.

2. I really need _____ bicycle. Do you know where I could find one?

3. Before _____ people invented _____ wheel, they couldn’t transport heavy


4. _____ optimist is a person who thinks _____ future is uncertain.

5. My favorite subject at school is _____ History.

6. Could you play _____ guitar?

7. The rent is 40$ _____ week.

8. It’s _____ high time you stopped being so lazy.

9. It took me one and _____ half hour to get there.

10. Show me _____ Canary Islands on the map, please.

11. Show me _____ Malta, please.

12. Does Mark speak _____ English language.

13. _____ Trafalgar square is the centre of _____ London.

14. Would you like to go to _____ Kremlin?

15. _____ lake Baikal is _____ deepest in _____ world.

16. _____ Everest is _____ highest mountain in _____ world.

17. I’d like to visit _____ Alps.

18. I decided to go to _____ Black sea.

19. I live in _____ Tverskaya street.

20. _____ President went to _____ Netherlands.

21. _____ Queen Elizabeth II won’t speak on TV tomorrow.

22. _____ Pacific is _____ largest ocean on our planet.

23. _____ Volga flows into _____ Caspian sea.

24. Have you ever been to _____ Bolshoi Theatre?

25. My train leaves from _____ King’s Cross station at 8 p.m.

26. See you in _____ morning.

27. Do you know _____ Browns?

28. He is ill. He’s got _____ flu.

29. I have to go to _____ work now.

6 Дай правильную форму множественного числа существительного.

passer-by, piano, blouse ,roof,

leaf, gooseberry, basis, cliff,

knowledge, deer, phenomenon ,axis,

kilo, news ,money, belief,

sheep, tooth ,datum ,fruit,

medium, ox ,species, handkerchief,

fish ,radish, terminus ,mother-in-law,

photo, swine ,echo ,criterion,

pie ,formula ,chief ,

stimulus, thesis,

  • № 1
    1. Я приехал домой вчера поздно ночью.
    2. Вчера мы попытались исправить наш автомобиль.
    3. Он получил отличную оценку за его последний тест.
    4. Завтрак был готов в 9 утра
    5. Когда мы вернулись, никого не было в доме.
    6. Она пошла на концерт два дня назад.
    7. Паола взяла ее экзамен по вождению в прошлом году.
    8. Где вы были на прошлое Рождество?
    9. Я не пошел на работу вчера, потому что мне было не очень хорошо.
    10. Я видел Тауэр, когда я был в Лондоне на прошлой неделе.
    № 2
    1. It wasn't raining all day yesterday. Was it raining all day yesterday?
    2. She wasn't reading a book when her mother came. Was she reading a book when her mother came?
    3. They weren't playing all day. Were they playing all day?
    4. We weren't having lunch when our aunt came. Were we having lunch when our aunt came?
    5. You weren't burning something in the fireplace. Were you burning something in the fireplace?
    № 3
    1. Didn’t he go last year to the South because of the illness?
    2. When did he go to the theatre?
    3. Why didn’t she tell him the truth?
    4. Who came to his school and had a long conversation with his teacher?
    5. Why were these students usually late for their classes last year?
    № 6
    passers-by, piano, blouses, roofs.
    leafs, gooseberries, bases, cliffs.
    knowledge, deers, phenomenons, axises.
    kilos, news, money, believes.
    sheeps, teeth, datums, fruits. 
    medium, oxes, species, handkerchieves.
    fishes, radishes, terminuses, mothers-in-law.
    photos, swines, echo, criterions.
    pies, formula, chieves.
    stimulus, thesis.
    4 и 5 задание не стала делать, больно уж много писать. Да и мало пунктов вы дате за такое объёмное задание.

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