0 My sister continued studying/tostudy to study music at the Conservatoire.1 Helen started to sing when she was a little girl.2 I can’t stand to w

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0) My sister continued studying/to
study (to study) music at the Conservatoire.

1) Helen started   (to sing) when she was a little girl.

2) I can't stand   (to watch) theatre performances on TV
because I like the atmosphere of a theatre.

3) My mother had gone to work and we
went on   (to listen) to loud music.

4) Yesterday I met my old friend in
the street. We hadn't seen each other for a long time and I stopped   (to talk) with him.

5) I am looking forward to   (to hear) the new songs by Elton John.

6) I feel like   (to buy) as many CDs of British rock groups
as I can.

7) I like   (to go) to the music school because I am
learning so much from it.

8) I can't stop   (to read) about the history of my favourite
rock groups because I can get to know how this or that song was written.

9) I hate   (to listen) to any recordings. I prefer real

10) My grandfather remembers   (to watch) the last con-cert of the Beatles
in Britain.

Надо вместо скобок поставить что то в ing, а что то нет ) 

  • 1.to sing
    7.to go

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